The hardest puzzle in Röki is about the nattabloom samples

Tove has to find three nattabloom samples from the Poisoned forest

Juho Rutila

Insight by Juho Rutila

Published on Thu Jun 06 2024

The hints for Röki have been part of Nice Game Hints since January 2021. Up until October 2023 the general interest for the game was quite good. But then, Röki was released to PlayStation Plus catalog and, according to my view to it, the searches for Röki exploded in Google and Röki has been one of the top three games on my site since.

As I have browsing and search data about the puzzles of Röki (with over 60 other games) in quite detail, I can make quite good guesses which puzzles cause the most head scratching for the players. I base my insights on most visited guides and also what phrases players search in Google. As we can see from this Google Search Console snippet, after generic "roki walkthrough" and "röki walkthrough" (thanks for putting those umlauts there, by the way) the most impressions is getting the "wolf puzzle".

But, that leads to the more general page about everything related to the Wolf ruins and not one specific puzzle. Although it might refer to the wolf statues puzzle, that is not in the most visited pages. The next most popular search is the search about nattablooms. And, indeed, out of the three different nattablooms the most read guide is about acquiring the eastern nattabloom. The solution requires a small revisit and it is a good puzzle that teaches an important lesson.

Other notable mentions are the bear disc puzzle, getting a hair from the bearded kroke and making some sleepy tea. These all are top ones in most read guides but can also be seen in the Google search results.

Overall, Röki has found it's way to the players and that is a good thing. The story is really good keeping the player tight in the game and there is just enough content to play in the game. The puzzles are natural and require some thinking. Being myself from a Nordic country the world and topics of the game hits close.

And remember, you can always peek a hint.

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