The hardest puzzle in the whole Deponia series is Golden Dragon of Invisibility

How hard is it to steal an invisible item?

Juho Rutila

Insight by Juho Rutila

Published on Mon Apr 19 2021

I have now, in year 2021, provided spoiler-free guides to all Deponia series games for about a year. I also collect site usage analytics and I can also see what Google searches lead to different guides. And constantly there is one page that is at the top of Deponia landing pages (so, the first page that is loaded) and Google search results.

And that page is the Golden Dragon of Invisibility guide from Chaos on Deponia game.

In the above picture, you can see Rufus at the gadget shop. You can also see... or not see... the Golden Dragon of Invisibility standing on its pedestal.

In the puzzle, Rufus is supposed to get this Golden Dragon of Invisibility with him from the gadget shop. The problem is that Shop-O-Mat, the robot clerk who has confiscated the original clerk, is watching closely what Rufus is doing. On top of that, the Golden Dragon of Invisibility is... invisible! Though, it is, supposedly, standing on that stand. Luckily, Rufus is allowed to test the other gadgets (not the Dragon!) before he decides to buy any of them. I won't tell more about the puzzle, but clearly, players are having a hard time with the puzzle as the solution to it is so much googled.

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