About Nice Game Hints

Nice Game Hints is a hinting system for video games to get past that puzzle without spoiling the fun.

Who is behind Nice Game Hints?

Hello, my name is Juho Rutila, from Finland. I have almost 30 years of coding experience, starting from childhood game development. Adventure games have always been near to my heart and hatred for spoilers has led me to set up Nice Game Hints.

The story

In year 2019 I got back to adventure games, namely with the Deponia series. Deponia is a hard game and I don't have the perseverance needed to find the solutions. So, I resorted to walkthroughs. And there were plenty of those, they just had one flaw: the spoilers. I didn't want to know about the solutions to other, future, puzzles when I was struggling with only one. Then I found out about Universal Hint System and the idea clicked immediately: hints only for that one puzzle.

I was excited finding UHS. Unfortunately it didn't have hints for Deponia, but the idea was so good that I wanted to contribute to it. I downloaded their editor and some reader software, then I spent a good while learning the ins and outs of it. Finally I wrote the hints for Deponia's first chapter and eagerly sent it to the email address where you were able to contact with new game guides. And then, nothing. There was a total radio silence and never since have I had contact with whoever is keeping the lights up at UHS.

Now I had the hints for Deponia written and wanted them out. And, as I have done websites for my whole life, I decided to publish the hints myself on my own website. I tried to find any alternative sites but nothing worked like UHS. And so, Nice Game Hints was born.


If you have any interest in these kinds of hints or some wild ideas what to do with them, don't hesitate to contact me. Let's discuss more! Send me an e-mail to juho@nicegamehints.com or join the Discord. I promise I won't give you radio silence!

Juho Rutila
Juho Rutila

Hi! I developed this site inspired by Universal Hint System. I really like the idea of gradual hints and I am determined to bring you more of those.

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