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Thanks to you, I’ve been able to introduce my wife and my son to the great world of adventure games, and we can share share about games from the past AND from present time. I love it. Thank you so much for doing this !

Do you feel the world needs more hints and gradual guides for adventure games instead of those spoiling walkthroughs? Do you miss UHS style hints for that specific newer title and feel others should have those, too? Join us making adventure games a little more accessible by writing hints for the games. Or if that doesn't feel like your cup of coffee, maybe write some puzzle oriented reviews.

No prior experience is required, just the willingness to help fellow gamers in their adventures through the vast library of adventure games out there.

When you become a contributor here in Nice Game Hints you get your support page link added to the hints and review articles. Just so if someone likes to buy you a cup of coffee. It is quite cool to get messages from people who have managed to play a game with the hints. Here are a couple of examples from the messages I have received:

Best website for guides. The hints lead you to the solutions in a playful and fun way that doesn't ruin the game. Thank you

Loving having these guides to nudge me in the right direction when I get stumped!

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Shoot me an email at and let's discuss more. Or join my Discord server and call me out there.

PS. I have a really cool browser editor for writing the hints. It is really easy to use and already available. I can tell you more.

About me

My name is Juho Rutila, from Finland. Nice to meet you. I have almost 30 years of coding experience, starting from childhood game development. Adventure games have always been near to my heart and hatred for spoilers has led me to set up Nice Game Hints. Writing those hints just makes me feel like I am doing something meaningful for my fellow gamers. This community of adventure gamers is really cool to be part of.