Use Nice Game Hints as a UHS reader!

Full Throttle, Return to Zork, Martian Memorandum, Shannara, The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble, Police Quest series, Quest For Glory series, Ringworld, Sam & Max Hit the Road... All the above titles are older, classic, adventure games. And they have gradual hints written at Unfortunately the hints are not viewable at the site anymore. But now you can download and read the hints here in Nice Game Hints! Enjoy!

Your personal UHS hints

These are the hints you have uploaded already
  1. Go to the UHS listing at
  2. Select "Download" next to the game you wish to use.
  3. Click the "Download These Hints Now". You get a zip package.
  4. Drop or upload the .zip file to the box below
  5. Wait until the game converting becomes ready on the list. It can take couple of minutes.
  6. Click the game name and enjoy the UHS hints in NGH. You can return to this page to revisit the hints. You don't need to upload the file again.

Drop the uhs or zip file here to begin or click browse