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.. Poisons to test in the lab

In Tiger Lily case of Mysterious ways you need to guess which two substances to test from the hair.

The possible substances to test are:
Amatoxin, arsenic, atropine, botulinum A, cyanide, plutonium, maitotoxin, mercury, polonium, ricin, sarin, strychnine, tetrodotoxine, thallium, xanthium

And the symptoms were, from the doctor's log:
"First time Caeleb came by in a long time. Patient presented with muscle pain in the thighs and gastrocnemius, as well as plantar numbness. He also exhibited hair loss of the scalp. Patient also reported nausea and abdominal pain. Xrays and bloodwork came back normal (slightly high LDL and glucose). Potentially stress related as patient reports overwork and fatigue. Placed patient on medical leave. Will conduct more tests after a few days rest."

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